Lana Del Rey, Falling Flat?

radio 1 hackney weekend day 2 17 240612By Taylor Feeney

This past Wednesday, Lana Del Rey kicked off her North American Tour in Grand Prairie, Texas. A review by Thor Christensen a special contributor to “The Guide”, a music review website ran by The Dallas Morning News website said that,

“She got her best results whenever she climbed into the upper registers of her voice for some breathy cooing and scatting. But her lower register was a lukewarm mess, with an alarming lack of projection and more pitch problems than the

Chicago White Sox”. Christensen also said, “Luckily, her loyal fans sang along to all her songs with gusto, which masked some of the voice problems, and she thanked them after an under-rehearsed version of “Radio.” “You were good,” she

said, acknowledging her poor performance. As tight as her four-man band was, even “Video Games” felt flat compared to the highly-produced studio version. This is suppressing due to her astounding Coachella performance from the two

weekends before where she also released her new single “West Coast” from her third upcoming studio album Ultraviolence. Is this a preview of how the rest of Del Rey’s tour going to go? It is well known that Del Rey suffers from stage fright

but it looks as though she will need to get past that to give a show her fans want to see.

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