West Coast Success

Vevo WallpaperBy Taylor Feeney

Early on April 14, 2014, the day after previewing “West Coast” at Coachella, Lana Del Rey released “West Coast” to the U.S. and currently holds position 17 on Billboard’s Hot 100. The music video is expected to premier this week according to Vevo. Right now, through online streaming, you can see a part of the video on a loop. Laura Clark, a writer for The Guardian said, “Singer Lana Del Rey has officially hit number 17 on the Billboard Top 100 this week with her new hit, ‘West Coast’, making the song the second biggest success of her career in the U.S.”. Born To Die, her last studio album had its mixed reviews but was the fifth bestselling album globally. I think that there is a lot expected out of her next album Ultraviolence. Del Rey has gained a lot of popularity from her contribution to the Great Gatsby Soundtrack with “Young and Beautiful” and the remix of “Summertime Sadness” by Cedric Gervais. As her fan base grows, the quality of her work will be expected to as well. Born To Die and her Born To Die: The Paradise Edition EP have great melodic tracks, and yes it’s dark but Ultraviolence will have a slightly different spin. According to Del Rey she says, ““It is absolutely gorgeous – darker then the first – so dark it’s almost unlistenable and wrong. But I love it”. Keep looking out for the “West Coast” video premier at: http://www.vevo.com/


Lana Del Rey, Falling Flat?

radio 1 hackney weekend day 2 17 240612By Taylor Feeney

This past Wednesday, Lana Del Rey kicked off her North American Tour in Grand Prairie, Texas. A review by Thor Christensen a special contributor to “The Guide”, a music review website ran by The Dallas Morning News website said that,

“She got her best results whenever she climbed into the upper registers of her voice for some breathy cooing and scatting. But her lower register was a lukewarm mess, with an alarming lack of projection and more pitch problems than the

Chicago White Sox”. Christensen also said, “Luckily, her loyal fans sang along to all her songs with gusto, which masked some of the voice problems, and she thanked them after an under-rehearsed version of “Radio.” “You were good,” she

said, acknowledging her poor performance. As tight as her four-man band was, even “Video Games” felt flat compared to the highly-produced studio version. This is suppressing due to her astounding Coachella performance from the two

weekends before where she also released her new single “West Coast” from her third upcoming studio album Ultraviolence. Is this a preview of how the rest of Del Rey’s tour going to go? It is well known that Del Rey suffers from stage fright

but it looks as though she will need to get past that to give a show her fans want to see.

To read the full article go to: http://www.dallasnews.com/entertainment/music/headlines/20140424-review-lana-del-rey-has-more-pitch-problems-than-the-white-sox-at-dallas-show.ece



West Coast

BkZZDJSCcAAbv5WBy Taylor Feeney

On Monday April 14th, Lana Del Rey premiered her new song “West Coast.”

The new song title was revealed on April 3, 2014 and began to surface at

her live performance at The Chelsea in Las Vegas on April 11th. According to NME.com, “Del Rey debated with fans as to whether she should sing it and said:

“Just up to the chorus? No?”, before giving in and saying: “I’ll just sing you a little bit of the verse without the band.”

On Sunday night, Del Rey then went on to perform the full version of “West Coast” in its entirety at the Coachella music festival in Indo, California.

According to Andrew Sims on Hypable.com, the Song was then dropped on April 14, exclusively to BBC Radio 1 on the Fearn Cotten Show.

The return of Lana Del Rey and her sophomore album has been long awaited, and her first single (“West Coast”) off of her upcoming album “Ultraviolence” has been reviewed with a ton of positive feedback including

The Guardian saying, “The track oozes with the sultry sounds and textures of 80’s drive time, based around a solitary guitar and anxiously breathy vocals.”

Idoaltor.com also pulled these reviews about the new single “West Coast”:

:: SPIN argued the song conjured “images from a sort of Madison Avenue Manifest Destiny — silver starlets, lit Parliaments, rock’n’roll.”

:: Vulture connected the dots thusly: “Mix some ‘Edge of Seventeen’ (‘Ooh baby, ooh baby’) with an outtake from a Quentin Tarantino movie soundtrack, layer a signature lyrical style over that (‘Their golden cars and rock-n-roll groupies’), and you’ve got Lana Del Rey’s new single.

:: Billboard called it a “surprisingly breezy, guitar-driven track” and “less overtly moody than her previous work.”

:: Our own Bradley Stern at MuuMuuse felt it marks “a fairly bold evolution in sound: The tempo shifts frequently, the instrumentation is jagged, and Lana’s voice skips between breathy franticness and slurred, drugged-out ecstasy.”

:: Radio.com labeled it a “slinky, breathy ode to a boy and the western seaboard of the United States… the song pretty much stays in Del Rey’s melancholic lane.”

:: FACT Magazine may have had the most interesting reference point for the song: “We reckon it sounds a teeny bit like The Cardigans, which as far as FACT staffers are concerned is a very fine thing indeed.”

Ultaraviolence is rumored to be released on May 1.

Lana Del Rey Announces 2014 U.S. Tour dates

LanaDelReyBy Taylor Feeney

On march 10th, 2014 Lana Del Rey announced her U.S. tour dates. This is the first tour Lana Del Rey will be doing in the United States. Del Rey has toured all over Europe and is finally

bringing her talents back to the United States. Tickits

for the tour went onsale on March 14th and 15th and sold out  extremely fast. Fans who were lucky enough to get their hands on them are in for a treat. Due to the high ticket demand,

some of the venues have added tickits to the tour.

If you’re near the Philadelphia area, Del Rey will be performing at The Skyline Stage at

The Mann Center on May 11, 2014. The tour kicked off on April 23 in Grand Prairie, Texas at The Verizon Theatre at Grand Prairie.

For more information about The Mann Center and Lana Del rey go to, http://www.manncenter.org/events/2014-05-11/lana-del-rey-skyline-stage-mann




6e65c9ff93971607c02b4a8c4e1bdb3dBy Taylor Feeney

On December 4, 2014 Lana Del Rey announced the title of her new album before the permire of her short film Tropico, saying, “I really just wanted us all to be together so I could try and visually close out my

chapter before I release the new record, Ultra-Violence.

In recenct months Lana has accidently spilled to the press the album will be realeased on May 1, 2014 and is working with lead singer of The Black Keys Dan Auerbach.  The new album has been long

awaited by fans since her last EP Born To Die: The Paradise Edition.  Her

first album, Born To Die, as well as her EP have seen great success. Del Rey started out as a You Tube starlet when Youtuber’s heard her song “Video Games”. She was a viral success. “Video Games” was then

re-released as the first single off of Born To Die. “Video Games” was the first of 7 singles of off Born To Die.

Since her album success, Del rey has worked on other projects such as the  “Young and Beautiful” single from The Great Gatsby Soundtrack, her short film Tropico wich featured music from her Born To Die:

Pardise EP, and a remake to “Once Upon a Dream” for the movie Maleficent.